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Whatever Your Involvement

The iChurch church management suite (ChMS) caters to the visitor through to the pastor:
  • You and your staff will become more productive because the management of teams, groups and rosters can now be delegated to your leaders.
  • Members will be empowered to manage their involvement through the miChurch portal. They will also feel valued because you remembered their name (iChurch photo book) and their birthday (weekly birthday report).
  • Parents will be comforted knowing that you take their children's safety seriously because you have implemented a secure check-in system.
  • Visitors will be encouraged to get involved because of the automated letter/e-mail they receive as part of the iChurch follow-up system.

Whatever You Need

The iChurch solution is a comprehensive ChMS made up of:
  • the iChurch App.
    The core of the iChurch ChMS.
  • the miChurch Member Portal.
    Used by members to manage their involvement in your church.
  • the iChurch Check-in System.
    Used to securely manage your children's and youth programmes.
  • the iChurch Mobile App.
    Used on the road to look up people's details and get directions to their home using a smart phone.
iChurch is customisable so you can:
  • define the options that are important to your church.
  • customise what the reports look like.
  • have custom reports specific to your church.
  • control who has access to the different modules and reports.

Wherever You Are

iChurch can be used where ever there is an internet connection. This includes:
  • in the office.
  • at home.
  • on the road.
  • at your second office - the coffee shop!
iChurch can also be used where there is no internet connection to record attendance using barcoded printed forms.

Whatever Stage Your Church Is At

iChurch is ready to grow with your church. It handles the church plant to the multi-campus, multi-location mega-church.

ALL of the features within the iChurch ChMS are available to your church no matter what size you are.

Whatever You Need To Know

Filtering and reporting in iChurch are second-to-none!

Easily identify people in need of pastoral care via:

  • their attendance - captured via their giving, the check-in system, course and small group attendance.
  • their giving.
  • their anniversaries - such as the anniversary of a death.

Whatever You Need To Say

Tailor your communications to everyone or a subset of people with

  • personalised letters.
  • personalised HTML e-mails complete with images.
  • personalised text messages.

Whatever You Have

The iChurch ChMS:
  • is a hosted solution so you can focus on ministering to your community instead of becoming an IT expert.
  • is not tied to a specific brand or model of hardware.
  • is updated automatically without any user intervention.
  • is affordable no matter what your church's size.
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